The ASEAN Business Award (ABA) is a prestigious ASEAN Regional Award held annually by the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN BAC) since 2007, with the aim of recognizing the outstanding ASEAN businesses that have contributed significantly to the ASEAN region. With 13 years of implementation, the ABA Award has been creating opportunities for businesses to affirm their position and prestige among industry peers; advance their competitiveness and integration; as well as enhance their brands throughout the ASEAN region and on the global.

Please refer to the Introduction for further information.

The ASEAN Business Awards are held annually by the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN BAC) and do not collect any registration fees from participating candidates.

  • Be an ASEAN-incorporated enterprise with at least 40% ASEAN-owned equity
  • Be in operations for a minimum of 3 years (for SMEs) to 5 years (for Large companies).
  • Preferably have operational presence in 2 or more ASEAN countries
  • Preferably have 2 (for SMEs) to 3 (for Large companies) years of audited financial statements

Enterprises can apply for a maximum of two award categories. Please read the relevant descriptions for each category to ensure the qualification and relevance of your application with the award’s category. For each award category, enterprise will need to fill in a different registration form and submit each set of documents (including the registration forms and related supporting documents) separately prior to the deadline.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the website and read all the information available to understand about the awards, application guidelines and decide which award categories suit your company best.

Step 2: Create an account with your company email to receive updated news and notifications about your ABA application status.

Step 3: Enter information including Number of employees and Revenue in 2019 to be classified into suitable company size. As a list of awards shows up, please choose maximum of two awards to apply.

Step 4: Fill out required forms, including general forms (which are the same for all award), and a specific form for each award. Applicants need to upload the supporting documents (if requested).

Step 5: After completing the form, a checklist window will show up for applicants to review the submission progress and attached supporting documents. 

An application can be altered within 15 days since it is submitted. After 15 days, applicants cannot change their submissions. We highly recommend that submissions are thoroughly verified beforehand.

All information provided in the application forms is strictly confidential and reviewed by the judging panel in the judging process.

English is the only language accepted for the information filled in and documents attached during the award application. All supporting documents in local language must be accompanied by English translations.

Yes. You may apply for the ABA 2020 as the sole founder and team member as long as your business meets the eligibility criteria stated in each category. Please refer to the ‘Award Categories’ section.

There is no limitation for the number of companies you can apply with. However, make sure that you need to carefully prepare the information and all supporting documents for every award you have chosen to make your application outstanding among the others.

Yes. Previous applicants can re-enter the awards.

Yes. Each application form has an attachment button where you can upload supporting documents during the application process. All supporting documents will be provided to the judging panel alongside your application. Each attached file should be maximum of 25MB.

Supporting documents, such as financial statements, business registration certificates and other documents will be requested depending on the requirements of each award category and will be clarified specifically in the application form or in the eligibility of each award category.

Noted: All supporting documents in local language must be accompanied by English translations, and all must be scanned and submitted to the ABA Organizing Committee 2020. The Organizer will send further requests related to supporting documents if needed.

The application for ABA 2020 will be closed on 30 September 2020.